Facebook Cover Photo Contest

Thanks for your interest in our Facebook Cover Photo Contest.

Our Facebook Cover Photo Contest is exactly what the name implies. We want to make your photo our cover image for our Facebook Profile.

Not only that, but the winning photo will receive FREE Goofy Golf passes!

So, what are we looking for?

We want you to send us your goofiest pics that are taken while playing Goofy Golf. That’s right! TAKE GOOFY PICTURES!

What makes it a Goofy Pic?

Well, basically anything that is not “normal” looking when playing some putt-putt. Think outside the box. Maybe it’s your stance. Maybe it’s your outfit.

Get creative!

A Few Rules (unfortunately, we have to cover a few things)

  • We will not accept any photos that are graphic, or come across as sexual.
  • Please don’t climb on fixtures around the property.
  • Be creative and have fun!


We want to do this once a month…maybe twice a month.

That’s basically it…

Upload Your Photo

Before you upload your photo we ask that you re-size it because we currently aren’t accepting photos that are over 500kb in size.

You should be able to do this from your phone or computer.

From your phone:

  • When emailing it to yourself, choose to email a smaller version. Not the original size. This should help.

(Here’s a tip: Upload it to Facebook first. Then save it to your computer. Facebook will shrink your HUGE photo for you. Then just send it to us!)

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Story Behind The Photo?

Before you upload, please resize your images. We only accept images under 500kb.